Identification and survey of Danish-Indo heritage values in Serampore

Identification and survey of Danish-Indo heritage values in Serampore, a former Danish trading post at the Hoogly River near Kolkata, India., from 1755 to 1845. The activity of the Serampore Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark is financed by the Realdania Foundation. Fieldwork was carried out January-February 2009 . Actual conservation of selected buildings started in 2011, and the work is scheduled for a duration of five years.  …

Managing cultural heritage places

Managing cultural heritage places: Site Management and Implementation Planning of the Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Site of Qohaito, Eritrea. Consultant to Cultural Assets Rehabilitation Project (CARP) financed by World Bank´s International Development Association (IDA); July 2006 – February 2007.         The extraordinary beautiful landscape of Qohaito provides stunning views from the plateau at the top of the escarpment to the surrounding mountain ranges.        …

The roofscape of Ghadames

The roofscape of Ghadames, ‘the pearl of the desert’, aquarelle 1987; sketches are prepared as part of a survey of architectural values in the environment; conservation planning of selected sites in Libya. Ghadames is now included on the World Heriage List (UNCHS-Habitat and the Organisation of Public Works, Urban Development Department, Libya).

Qala-i Ikhtiyarrudin

Qala-i Ikhtiyarrudin , Herat, Afghanistan. Axonometric drawing of the fortress partly restored; the drawing is based on documentation carried out in the course of  excavation and exposure of  building structures  covered by accumulated layers of debris. The survey is carried out 1977-78 as part of the UNESCO project for Restoration of Monuments in Heart

Isometric drawing of the Wekala Bazar’a

Isometric drawing of the Wekala Bazar’a, Jamaliyya District of Old Cairo. The Arab caravanserai originates from the late seventeenth century; the survey of the building and proposal for restoration was carried out as a project for final examination in 1976 at the School of Architecture, The Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Refrence: Proposal for the restoration and rehabilitation of Wekalat Bazar’a, in Michael Meinecke (ed.), Die Restaurierung der Madrasa…