1982 – 1983 Consulting architect-restorer to Robert Matthew, Johnson- Marshall and Partners, London, contracted to complete a building survey, including typological research and analysis of historic structures, and to prepare a policy for preservation of Jeddah Historic Area, Saudi Arabia (Technical report, Old Jeddah Historic Area, prepared for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Municipality of Jeddah).


1984 Technical advisor to UNESCO under contract with ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, commissioned to prepare a Master Plan for the preservation and presentation of selected historic sites in Ethiopia in preparation for an international assistance campaign (Technical report, FMR/CLT/CH/85/139, Paris 1985).


1984 – 1991 Architect restorer working on a join programme by the German Archaeological Institute, Damascus, and the Syrian Antiquities Organisation for the restoration and presentation of Islamic monuments in Bosra and the Hauran, Syria. The research was concluded in a Ph.D dissertation: Vernacular tradition and Islamic architecture of Bosra, Syria, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, 1992.


1987 – 1988 Technical advisor to UNCHS-Habitat, the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements on a programme for architectural conservation planning in Libya. Technical reports prepared for the Organisation of Public Works, Urban Development Department, Tripoli: Ghadames (1987) and Fezzan (1988).


1989 Consultant to UNESCO commissioned to prepare an up-dated inventory of historic monuments in the Herat Province, Afghanistan, with a special view to document the destruction of cultural heritage during the time of the Soviet occupation (Internal technical report to Unesco, 1990).


1990 Consultant to UNESCO participating in evaluation of UNDP/UNESCO project: Presentation and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Kenya, Mombasa Old Town and Fort Jesus Museum.


1991 Architect consultant to the Islamic Museum in Berlin requested to prepare plans for moving the Mshatta Facade to a new position within the premises of the Pergamon Museums.


1992 Technical advisor to UNCHS-Habitat, the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, assisting the Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China in formulating policies for rehabilitation and preservation of historic urban areas in Suzhou (Jiangsu Province), Pingyao and Datong (Shanxi Province).


1992 – 1994 Architect consultant to SIDA, the Swedish International Development Agency and the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm, assisting the Department of Museums and Archaeology, Ministry of Information and Culture in Laos with the restoration of the Royal Palace Museum building in Luang Prabang and reorganisation the museum Collection.


1995 – 1996 Technical advisor to UNESCO on a UNDP programme for Cultural Tourism and the Revival of Heritage in Uzbekistan. Technical reports, Architectural conservation and restoration of Abd al-Aziz Khan Madrasa, Bukhara, and Tillya-Kari Mosque and Madrasa, Samarkand, May 1995.


1995 Member of UNESCO monitoring mission to Syria evaluating renovation works at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


1996 – 1997 Consultant to a World Bank Cultural Heritage Initiative in Georgia under Trust Fund agreement with the Danish Foreign Ministry aiming to provide a stronger cultural heritage dimension as part of a larger environmentally sustainable development program. Executing Dep.: Municipal and Social Services/ subsequently the Human Development Sector, Europe and Central Asia Region.


1999 – 2000 Consultant to the Aga Khan Cultural Trust, Cities Support Program, preparing feasibility study for technical co-operation with the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Syria.


2001 Consultant to ICOMOS on behalf of UNESCO World Heritage Centre: Reactive Monitoring Mission to evaluate the state of conservation of Islamic Cairo, World Heritage Site, Egypt.


2002 Follow-up on UNESCO Monitoring Mission and participation as chairperson of thematic session at International Symposium on the Restoration and Conservation of Historic Cairo, Egypt.


Consultant to DANIDA for Support to the Protection of the Cultural Environment around the Canals of Thailand and to the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention.


2003 Member of international team for periodic monitoring on Røros, World Heritage Site, Norway.


2004 Consultant to UNESCO Regional Office in Ramallah for evaluation of the condition of cultural heritage in Nablus and Hebron, PalestineTerritories.


Periodic monitoring on Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church, and on Roskilde Cathedral, World Heritage Sites, Denmark, on behalf of the National Cultural Heritage Agency/ICOMOS Denmark.


World Heritage Evaluation Mission evaluating the World Heritage nomination file for Harar Jogul,, the fortified historical town, Ethiopia .


2005 Consultant to ICOMOS on behalf of UNESCO World Heritage Centre: Reactive Monitoring Mission to review the progress made in the ongoing rehabilitation programme on Islamic Cairo, Egypt.


Representative of ICOMOS at Regional Meeting on the implementation of World Heritage in the Arab States ’Folow-up to Periodic Reporting and Information Management, The United Arab Emirates.


2006 Consultant to ICOMOS carrying out reactive monitoring of the state of conservation of the Shakhi-Zindah ensemble and Afrosiab archaeological area, Samarkand, World Heritage Site, Uzbekistan.


2006 – 2007 Consultant to Cultural Assets Rehabilitation Project (CARP) financed by World Bank´s International Development Association (IDA): Managing cultural heritage places: Site Management and Implementation Planning of the Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Site of Qohaito, Eritrea. Cf. link at ‘online articles and links’


2008 Planning and conducting Training Programme on Management of Cultural Heritage Sites in Kosovo under arrangement with Cultural Heritage without Borders, CHwB, and the British Office.




Consultant to the National Museum of Denmark: Identifying and surveying Indo-Danish heritage in Serampore, a former Danish trading post in West Bengal, India 1755 – 1845.




Golubac Fortress on the Danube, Republic of Serbia: Feasibility Study for protection and development; Europe Aid Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme, sub consultancy to EPTISA, Servicios de Ingenierria, S.L., Madrid.


2012 – 2019 Consultant to the Serampore Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark for the conservation of Indo-Danish heritage in Serampore, a Danish trading post in West Bengal, India, from 1755 to 1845. The joint project was financed by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Realdania.


2019 – 2020 Consultant to UNESCO, Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit: Technical Assessment Mission to Nicosia, Cyprus; assesses the state of conservation of selected cultural heritage assets along Nicosia’s Green Line, and advising on appropriate measures and technical approaches for rehabilitation and restoration of shared Greek and Turkish heritage.


2021 Preparing reconstruction drawings of the main structures of Posic, a prehistoric regional administrative centre in Peru, showing the main structures of the settlement, including two kanchas, a kalanka, an usu and an intihuatana, as well as stone walls protecting the cultivated land. Commissioned by Inge Schellerup, senior researcher, fil.dr., the National Museum of Denmark.


2022 Consultant to the Serampore Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark for the conservation of Indo-Danish heritage in Serampore; advising on completion of work after partly shut down of activities during the Corona pandemic, and preparing Condition survey and recommendations for maintenance of the seven restoration projects completed from 2012-2019.